ASRY Rig Repair & Conversion

Starting in 2008, the Rig Repair & Conversion services of ASRY are dedicated to the oil and gas industry, specialising in the offshore vessel repair sector.

With over 120 rig repair projects completed, this portfolio of work includes conversion, fabrication, and integration. The global HSE and quality levels that were defined at the division’s inception have established ASRY as the yard of choice for Saudi Aramco-Schedule G upgrades by major drilling contractors as well as Aramco themselves. The yard’s location is also key to its preferred status, with minimal deviation required to the majority of all the Arabian Gulfs oil and gas production hubs, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


    •  Jack-up rigs
    •  Land rigs
    •  Drill ships
    •  Lift Boats
    •  Semi-submersibles
    •  Accommodation barges
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