About ASRY

ASRY (Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard) is the Arabian Gulf's leading maritime repair and fabrication facility.

Founded in 1977 in Bahrain, the multi-service yard operates in four sectors

  •  Ship Repair & Conversion
  •  Rig Repair & Conversion
  •  Naval Repair & Conversion
  •  Fabrication & Engineering

which combined cover all types of vessel repair including jack-up rigs and other offshore assets, as well as fabrication of onshore and offshore industrial components. Its leading range of facilities includes.

  •  500,000dwt drydock
  •  Two floating docks of 252m and 227m in length
  •  15 repairs berths with a total length of approximately 5,000m
  •  Twin 255m slipways
  •  2500,000+sqm fabrication area
  •  Full range of workshops and service centres.

 ASRY Corporate Video

1977 Year of Inception
2500 Projects Completed
3000+Work Force
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