Processing Plants

Sewage Treatment Plant

A state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant was completed in 2012 which leads the way in environmentally-friendly industrial waste management. The plant is the first in Bahrain to employ the highly sustainable organic reed-bed treatment system coupled with an advanced high-rate wastewater treatment mechanism known as Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR). Once the wastewater flows through the biofilms, the sludge is then utilized as wetlands for fields of reeds which naturally recycle the sludge. It will have a capacity of 1500m3 per day. This method, never used in Bahrain before, has the primary benefit over other sewage treatment systems of being completely sustainable; producing zero waste; using no chemicals, has very low carbon footprint, produces zero noise or odour, beatifies the local area, and has a zero hazard rating. In addition, it is low-maintenance, operates year-round, and is cost-effective.

Marine Sludge Treatment Plant

ASRY is the first and only shipyard in the Middle East to build a facility to recycle sludge received from crude oil vessels. It is processed into an environmentally friendly compost material that is then used for landscaping purposes. Through a stringent process of bioremediation, the waste is transformed into approximately 2,000 tonnes of compost per year.

Grit Treatment Plant

In order to provide a high quality service in the preparation of both internal and external surfaces for the application of paint systems. ASRY operates a high capacity plant for the processing of new grit prior to use.

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