Layouts & Facilities
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ASRY’s twin slipways, each with a dry berth length of 255 metres are ideal for accommodating offshore service boats, large tugs and supply vessels.

Their vertical curve design also facilitates new building activities at its upper end. Vessels up to approximately 15,000 dwt, and with drafts up to 4.5 meters can be easily slipped up under normal daily tidal conditions. The slipways are equipped with all required shore facilities and are serviced by two 80-tonne crawler cranes with ample reach.

Floating Docks

ASRY has two floating docks to extend the dry repair capabilities of the yard. Designated Docks 2 and 3, they have the following specifications:

Overall Length:252m
Clear Width:44m
Lifting capacity:33,000 tonnes
Max Vessel size:120,000dwt
Overall Length:227m
Clear Width:40m
Lifting capacity:30,000 tonnes
Max Vessel size:80,000dwt

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ASRY Offshore Services

ASRY Offshore Services is a dedicated offshore oil and gas division.

Specialising in offshore rig repair and fabrication work, ASRY Offshore Services (AOS) is now an integral part of the yard’s capabilities. As well as jack-up drilling rigs, AOS can accommodate drill ships, cable and pipe laying vessels, semi-submersibles, offshore support and construction vessels, for either repairs, component construction, mobilising a skilled ‘riding squad’ or surveying.

ASRY Consultancy Services

ASRY Consultancy Services (ACS) is a division of ASRY, offering independent maritime design, engineering and management expertise.

With 35 years of project engineering and production experience, ASRY has gathered a team of naval architects, engineers and yard managers that are experts at mitigating potential risks while delivering global-standard marine solutions.

Since 1977, a knowledge base has accumulated at ASRY, particularly with respect to charterer requirements, statutory requirements and industry standards, that is second to none in the region. That knowledge is now accessible to global marine clients through ASRY Consultancy Services (ACS).

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ASRY Energy Division

ASRY Energy Division (AED) is a division of ASRY dedicated to the production of power barges and other vessels.

While the flagship product of the division is the power barge, AED also has the capacity to handle other newbuild projects such as offshore vessels, workboats, and more. The power barges integrate the latest technology and best practice construction techniques to provide the foundation for floating power generation units. ASRY has accumulated over 35 years of vessel engineering expertise, and AED is utilising that expertise to focus on newbuild projects.


ASRY’s Administration and Management operate under a policy of transparency and approachability.

Since its inception in 1977, ASRY has strived to maintain a sense of community within its people which is now one of the hallmarks of doing business with ASRY. One of the most frequent feedback responses ASRY receives is that working with ASRY, is like working with a family.

ASRY’s Human Resources are its most unique asset, with up to 5,000 employees lead by a management team that comprises some of the most experienced names in Ship Repair from across the Middle East and Europe.

The yard is certified in a host of areas by the global quality manager Det Norske Veritas, including environmental (ISO 14001), quality management systems (ISO 9001), occupational health and saftey (ISO 18001) and security management systems (28000).

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Workshops and Services

ASRY’s workshops are built with a very short distance from one work place to another.

By understanding the ship repair environment, workshops have been fitted with the most modern technology and equipment. Electronically controlled and automated machinery ensures consistent quality and covers requirements for most sophisticated auxiliary repair work.

ASRY’s dedicated workshops include:

  • Refurbishment and machining operations
  • Mechanical overhaul and rebuilding
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Rudder, propeller, and drivetrain servicing and overhaul
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Steel and boiler servicing
  • Electrical and instrumentation installation, fault finding and repair
  • Lifesaving and firefighting appliance servicing and repair
Graving Dock

ASRY’s Graving Dock is capable of docking ships up to 500,000 tons dwt.

It is equipped with 4 dockside arms (2 each on both sides) to give proper access to the entire surface of a vessel to carry out all repair works, mainly the blasting and painting of ships sides. 2 cranes are also fitted on both sides of the Dock with a capacity of 100 tonnes and 15 tonnes respectively. Multiple dockings can be accommodated.

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Overall Length:375m
Overall Width:75m
Multiple Dockings:Yes
Draught:8.5m (9m below chart datum)
Draught Max:10.4m (tide dependant)
Alongside Berths

ASRY offers 15 alongside repair jetties and berths, with a total length of approximately 4,000m.

The berths range in continuous lengths up to 1,380m, which is the maximum berth length, available at the Quay Wall. With one of the largest berth lengths in the Middle East, ASRY offers a unique flexibility in its docking schedules, capable of accommodating any client requirements and schedules.

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