Fire and Safety Department

Safety awareness in ASRY is at the forefront of all Yard-wide operations. Modern safety best practice is integrated into the workforce from the first day of employment, and is monitored by their direct supervisors and form a direct daily input to work flow and controls.

Incident prevention measures are constantly monitored by our dedicated Safety Department ranging from our team Safety Inspectors, Fire Officers and Firemen that provide hands on coverage of the Yard’s entire sphere of operations, ensuring that safety rules and procedures are applied throughout the 24 hour work cycle.

When situations arise that cannot be followed utilizing our routine procedures, the principles of Risk Identification and necessary additional safety precautions to minimize potential concerns are applied to allow work to proceed safety.

Safety Department consists of:

Gas Safety:Gas free safety inspections and maintenance of tenable work areas, cleaning, staging, access, crew assistance, etc.
Site Safety:Shops and General Site Safety, Lifting Gear Inspection and Certification, Operator, etc.
Permitting & Training:Issuance of work permits and ongoing safety, fire and amputation training.
Fire Section:Prevention and Responses to fires, accident, spillages, etc.
Environmental Aspect – Compliance/Reduction:Controlling the use of resources and ensuring materials are recovered for recycling.
Fire Equipment – Maintenance:To ensure all equipment used by Safety Dept. is maintained in an operational status for routine & emergency situations.
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