UK Flagship ‘HMS Ocean’ Docks at ASRY

MANAMA: ASRY, the leading ship and rig repair yard in the Arabian Gulf, has proudly welcomed the Flagship of the Royal Navy HMS Ocean, an amphibious assault ship into its alongside berth space. The arrival of the vessel will make a total of six Royal Navy vessel’s now docked at ASRY, a new record for the number of simultaneous Royal Navy ships at the yard at one time. Making the most of a Framework Agreement ASRY and Babcock International have, all six vessels are supported by a Babcock/MoD support initiative from the UK.

“We value our relationship with the Royal Navy very highly, and are proud to honour the deep commitment the Bahrain Government has to provide maritime facilities for the British Government,” confirmed Acting Chief Executive Magdy Mustafa on HMS Ocean’s arrival. “In recent years, since launching its dedicated Navy, Defence, and Industrial Projects department, ASRY has seen its in-house naval expertise expand along with our ability to understand and service the particular needs of maritime defence operations.” ASRY is aiming to be the repair yard of choice in the Arabian Gulf for the Royal Navy, the US Navy, and has seen more international navies making the most of ASRY’s facilities  than ever before.  Navies such as the French, Australian, German, UAE, Saudi and Bahraini have all been supported by ASRY teams both in its yard and berthed in the Military yards of Mina Salman and Mina Khalifa.

HMS Ocean is the Royal Navy’s Landing Platform (Helicopter) and is in ASRY for a Dockyard Supported Maintenance Period (DSP) during her current deployment to The Gulf. She became the fleet flagship in June 2015, and was designed to provide amphibious assault capabilities whilst in the “Commando” role. She can deploy an Embarked Military Force (EMF) of a Royal Marines Commando’s from 3 Commando Brigade supported by various aviation and landing craft assets. She is also capable of limited anti-submarine warfare activities, supporting afloat training and acting as a base facility for other embarked forces engaged in military counter-terrorism, anti-piracy and humanitarian support.

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