New Leads For ASRY at SMM

ASRY, the leading rig and ship repair yard in the Arabian Gulf, has entered into new negotiations with several European fleets while exhibiting at SMM Hamburg, one of the largest maritime exhibitions in the world. The exhibition, the largest version in its history, with 2,100 exhibitors from 67 different countries, and over 50,000 visitors expected, is a leading platform for all major maritime players to attend.

“Every major shipyard, as well as nearly every one of ASRY’s customers, comes to Hamburg,” commented ASRY Chief Executive, Nils Kristian Berge, “which makes it an essential platform for a shipyard of our size and reputation. This year’s show had us talking with potential customers about upcoming repair opportunities from the very first hour. These kind of new leads are the reason SMM is so important.”

ASRY’s exhibiting strategy shifted in 2014 to take advantage of their local agents expertise. By co-exhibiting with their local German agents, Zoepffel & Schneider, the yard has been exposed to more potential customers than ever before. Berge confirmed that ASRY’s business levels in Q4 is looking to increase, and the new leads scored at SMM may well bolster those levels.

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