Bahrain Coast Guard Launches ASRY-built Landing Craft

Bahrain Interior Minister Lt-Gen Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa has officially launched the landing craft “Safra 1” at an event at the Coast Guard headquarters in Bahrain.

Equipped to carry out search, rescue and firefighting operations, the landing craft was launched as part of the modernisation strategy of the Coast Guard. The Interior Minister was received upon arrival by Deputy Interior Minister, Lt-General Adel bin Khalifa Al Fadhel, Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Al Hassan, Chairman of Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company (ASRY) Shaikh Duaj bin Salman Al Khalifa, Interior Ministry Undersecretary, Shaikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa and Coast Guard Commander, Brigadier Alaa Siyadi.

Coast Guard Commander, in his speech, thanked the Interior Minister for launching the ship, hailing his support through providing the Coast Guard with modern vessels and equipment. He said the Coast Guard has become a professional force capable of enforcing the law in Bahrain’s territorial waters.

After playing a short film documenting the ship’s15-month building stages implemented by ASRY in cooperation with the Coast Guard, the launching ceremony took place, during which, the Interior Minister expressed thanks and appreciation to the Coast Guard personnel for their round the clock readiness. He highlighted the importance of professionalism, swift response and coordination to ensure maintaining security and public safety, as well as providing best security services for the public.

He stressed to continue the development and modernisation strategy in all security sectors, highlighting the completion of the maritime security project and maritime advanced radars and cameras, noting their role in monitoring coastlines and territorial waters to ensure the safety of maritime environment and vital installations.

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