ASRY Rig Delivery Hits 100%

MANAMA: ASRY, the leading ship and rig repair yard in the Arabian Gulf, has confirmed that its Offshore division, which specialises in rig repairs, achieved 100% on-time delivery of all the rig projects completed in 2014. Global clients including Saudi Aramco, Saipem, Nabors Drilling, Egyptian Drilling Company and more chose ASRY for their rig repair projects last year, which totalled 17 rigs, and all took delivery of their vessels on schedule, and within budget.

“With competition rising in the region,” said ASRY Chief Executive, Nils Kristian Berge, “rig customers are more focused on ensuring that the maintenance of their assets is completed as efficiently as possible. As such, rig operators have been increasingly turning to ASRY due to our commitment to our core values, to complete each scope on-time, on-budget with top safety and quality. In 2014, we’re proud to be able to say we achieved that on all our rig projects. This also explains why ASRY has the highest repeat customer rate in the region.”

In 2015, this reputation of timely, safe, cost-conscious reliability has attracted other big names to the yard, confirmed ASRY Offshore Service General Manager, Rob Bryant, “Despite the challenging market, there are some firms who are expanding their Offshore activity, such as Shelf Drilling, who are choosing ASRY to ensure the new rig assets they are bringing to the region are optimised, certified, and up to Aramco and ABS specifications. They know when they come to ASRY, they’ll get a safe, quick, quality turnaround within budget.”

The Offshore Division of ASRY has also recently seen it’s capabilities expand to include onshore industrial work in Saudi Arabia, with involvement in a project in Saudi called Camellia. ASRY was commissioned to design procure and fabricate a significant number of stainless steel hoppers, pipe spools, valves, flanges and fittings, for a new catalysts production facility called Camellia, which is being built by Axens Catalysts Arabiya, a company specializing in process licensing and manufacture and sales of catalysts and absorbents in the fields of refining, petrochemical, gas and biofuels.

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