ASRY first Arabian Gulf facility to achieve triple compliance for green ship recycling
MANAMA: ASRY, the Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility, has achieved compliance with the three highest global environmentally-conscious ship recycling certifications, the Hong Kong Convention, European Union Ship Recycling Regulation and IS0 30000, after being audited recently. These are the latest steps in the shipyard’s programme, in collaboration with the Netherlands-based Elegant Exit Company (EEC), to be able to offer certified best practice green steel recycling. Together, the two firms are aiming to create a leading hub for vessel recycling in the Arabian Gulf at ASRY, by complying with the highest ship recycling standards.

“As ASRY continues on its modernisation drive,” commented ASRY Managing Director, Mazen Matar, “environmental sustainability is a vital part of the facility’s future operations. As a responsible member of the maritime industry, we must not tolerate harmful and dangerous practices of ship recycling, which are common practice across the globe. We have now achieved compliance with the strictest international standards with a view to being able to offer a sustainable, responsible and affordable alternative for vessel owners with end-of-life maritime assets. There is also natural synergy with nearby steel production facilities, who can benefit from this new initiative.” 
EEC’s Head of Middle East Operations Capt Soumitro Roy, added, “By combining EEC’s all round expertise in the shipping industry, ASRY’s geographic location and technical proficiency, and the proximity to major steel producers, we have an unique opportunity to give global ship owners a tangible solution for ethical vessel disposal.” Dutch-based EEC is deploying an OOR (Own, Operate, Recycle) model which provides exit options for owners wanting to retire their middle aged vessels.

There are significant cost savings from reduced energy usage, reduced wastewater generation, reduced slag production, and reduced emissions – all achieved by using vessel grade recycled scrap steel. Increased pressure on the steel industry to comply with environmental regulations, demand for LEED steel and also a need for the top players to improve their sustainability reputation, will drive greater demand for green steel projects. ASRY and EEC’s initiative aims at vertically integrating this sector by synergising the needs of the ship owners, the yard and the ultimate end beneficiary, the steel mills.

These initial statements of compliance to the Hong Kong Convention and European Union Ship Recycling Regulation, plus the ISO 30000 certification are the foundations of the journey targeting the first vessel to be recycled to global environmental standard in the Arabian Gulf during the second half of 2021 at ASRY, with a view to increasing capacity, efficiency and turnaround in the succeeding months. 

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