ASRY announces the delivery of its first ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication project
ASRY, the Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility, has recently announced the successful delivery of its first ASME U-stamped pressure vessel fabrication project; ASRY was able to complete and deliver this project within six months of the receipt of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Accreditation which granted ASRY a permission to manufacture and repair pressure vessels that are considered the main equipment in the oil and gas industry. 
Being the engineering facility of choice in the Arabian Gulf, ASRY was able to attract more pressure vessel manufacturing and repair projects during the past few months through committing to the delivery of good quality work, safely and on schedule. 
It’s worth noting that ASRY attained this accreditation after an extensive review of the company's quality management systems, engineering, warehousing, production, and quality control capabilities. Based on the review, ASRY was found compliant with ASME work due to its commitment to applying the highest international standards in all aspects of work.
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