Floating Docks



ASRY has two floating docks to extend the dry repair capabilities of the yard. Designated Docks 2 and 3, they have the following specifications:

Overall Length: 252m
Clear Width: 44m
Lifting capacity: 33,000 tonnes
Max Vessel size: 120,000dwt


Overall Length: 227m
Clear Width: 40m
Lifting capacity: 30,000 tonnes
Max Vessel size: 80,000dwt

About ASRY

About ASRY

ASRY (Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard) is the Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility. Founded in 1977 in Bahrain, the multi-service yard operates in four sectors – Ship Repair & Conversion, Rig Repair & Conversion, Naval Repair & Conversion, and Fabrication & Engineering.