ASRY rolls out Ramadan Initiatives

MANAMA: ASRY, the leading ship and rig repair yard in the Arabian Gulf, has rolled out a series of events and initiatives to celebrate the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, and extends its best wishes to the staff and nation.

Firstly, ASRY Chief Executive, Chris Potter, said that the company has taken several steps to assist employees with overcoming the extra cost of living during Ramadan. To this end, the company has decided to suspend deduction of loan repayment installments for the months of June and July for all employees. This initiative is intended to enable employees to meet the extra expenses of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr.

Secondly, the company once again presented the “Ramadan Basket” gift (monetary aid) to employees and it was paid during last June to help employees buy provisions for Ramadan.

Thirdly, as in previous years and in furtherance of the social relationships with employees, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, the company will continue to hold the firm-wide Ramadan Ghabga, and this year the event will take place on 18 July. Every employee of ASRY is invited to the event – one of the largest in the company’s annual calendar – which is planned to be a fun night of music and celebration with gifts presented by raffle to guests.

Potter confirmed these initiatives also co-incide with other corporate social responsibilities, particularly the recent honoring of ASRY employee children who have obtained a rating of over 90% at final primary, intermediate, secondary and university education. “The outstanding students celebration was in recognition of their hard work and educational achievement, and overall these events are a vital part of giving back to all the staff which are the backbone of ASRY,” he explained.

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