ASRY shifts to LED Lighting Technology to maintain 24/7 operations of its docks

MANAMA: ASRY, the Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility, has recently shifted to the LED lighting technology that is known as one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly developing lighting solutions. About 400 new specialized portable dock lights were acquired in addition to 1060 confined space lighting units, including explosion proof lights for hazardous environments.


ASRY aims at consistently delivering an excellent, safe, and reliable integrated solutions that meet or exceed customers’ expectations, while maintaining high quality and ensuring timely delivery of projects. ASRY has made it a priority to develop and modernize its docks and facilities to ensure providing repair services at highest quality levels.


LED lighting has become an efficient solution to ASRY in term of increasing productivity, as it supports the 24/7 operation of the yard, improves safety by increasing visibility, saves power by consuming less energy and conserves environment by reducing carbon emissions.


Shifting to the LED lighting technology goes in line with ASRY’s commitment to environmental sustainability and movement towards green projects and environment friendly processes.

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