ASRY Reconnects with European clients at SMM Hamburg



BAHRAIN: ASRY, the leading maritime repair and fabrication facility in the Arabian Gulf, has used SMM Hamburg, the German shipping exhibition, as a platform to reconnect with its core European clients. The exhibition, which has 2,200 exhibitors from 66 countries, brings many of ASRY’s International current and potential clients to explore networking opportunities.
“SMM Hamburg is one of the central pillars of our annual exhibition calendar, and is one of the most efficient ways to reconnect with a variety of clients, both old and new, across the continent,” said ASRY’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Shaw who is attending the exhibition.
ASRY’s European client base is an important part of their international market, with the fourth quarter being a critical time for new business development.

About ASRY

About ASRY

Having been established in 1977, ASRY is the most experienced marine repair facility in the Arabian Gulf, with the efficiency and reliability only time and experience can bring.